StringPuck™ - Fast Puck Game


StringPuck™ - Fast Puck Game

StringPuck is a hectic fast-thinking board game that is highly competitive and fun to play with friends or family. A great game to kill time while having a blast!

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1x StringPuck Board Game

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1x StringPuck Board Game


The Infamous StringPuck Board

Life is too short to not have the StringPuck board game in sight and play with it.

To win, you need to take actions fast and get the puckets to the other side, or you'll end up losing to your opponent.

Invite family, friends, or loved ones over and start challenging each other. You'll have unforgettable times together!

The StringPuck board is designed to be portable with its foldable feature. Take it anywhere you go with ease.

Each board is carefully handmade of top-notch wood and materials in the industry, you can rest assured that your StringPuck is incredibly durable.

Don't take it in turns, just reload and fire

You can only use one hand to move the pucks to the other side

If a puck flies off the board, the player who sent itmust retrieve it

Pushing pucks through the gate is not allowed, you can only use the string to fire

Ready, Aim, Score!

Use the string to fire your pucks through the gate, once your side is empty, you're the champ!


A game made for unforgettable times

  • StringPuck (660 x 315 x 30mm)
  • Pucks Bag
  • 10 Pucks (5 White - Black)
  • 2 Extra Strings‎ (In case you get too excited)
  • 4