StringPuck is all about customer satisfaction and speed.

Who are we?

StringPuck was founded in late 2019, with its goal to empower people's lives to bring endless of happiness and laughter together. We designed the StringPuck board with one purpose in mind, to bring family, friends, or loved ones to have a blast of fun together, with no mobile devices on sight.

Lately, studies have shown that more people put more focus on their mobile device than the person they are with - and that is a no-no in our eyes. Since start, we have helped people finally come together, challenge themselves, and, most importantly, have fun! That is what we are all about.

What's our vision?

We have just begun the journey; our vision for StringPuck is broad. We are already looking further into expanding the game to three and four-player modes, as our customers have highly requested that. Big projects are in plans, and we can't wait to release new amazing products for the world to see and experience.

Our philosophy is simple; never stop innovating new boards and keep making significant improvements to our products - that way, we can keep on delivering high-quality products for people to enjoy. We will keep everyone updated on the latest news, sign up to our newsletter to never miss out.


Customer Satisfaction

While we have delivered thousands of StringPuck boards, the one thing that we always keep in mind is customer satisfaction, because your happiness is what truly matters to us and motivate us to continue the journey. We always try to improve things from feedback given to us.

Product Quality

Every board we design is carefully designed with high-quality materials that are durable, strong, and most importantly, will, without a doubt, last for years. Not only that, to ensure that you receive what you paid for in full shape, we run through what we call a ''Quality Check'' before dispatch.

Refund Policy

Changed your mind? Don't worry. Our excellent refund policy we have in place allows you to be eligible for a refund after 14 days of purchase. Without a doubt, our 24/7 customer support department will release your funds back to you, if, for some reason, you want to cancel your order.