Let the real fun begin.

Who will be the fastest? The goal is to pass, as soon as possible, all the pucks from one side to the other, by only using one hand.


It's simple, but not that easy...

Challenge your friends and family with StringPuck

StringPuck is a fast thinking game of two players, with five pucks each, the goal is to empty your side of the board as fast as possible; otherwise, you'll lose. Great way to kill time with friends and family members. Give it a try!


Fast Thinking

To win, you need to take actions fast and get the puckets to the other side, or you'll end up losing to your opponent.

Fun To Play

Invite family, friends, or loved ones over and start challenging each other. You'll have unforgettable times together!


The StringPuck board is designed to be portable with its foldable feature. Take it anywhere you go with ease.

Watch StringPuck in action

Foldable, and portable

The StringPuck board is designed with a minimal structure that allows it to fold in half, making it the first and only portable puck board in the world. It can easily fit and be carried in backpacks, or the palm of your hand.


Designed with quality in mind

Made with the greatest top-notch wood and materials in the industry, you can rest assure that your StringPuck board is incredibly durable, and will, in fact, last for years.


Kind words from the world

See what customers around the globe are saying about StringPuck

My boys love this. We tried it at a friends house and had so much fun together. No assembly required. It seems to be made well enough, meaning it’ll last for years! The game itself is simple but very competitive, that's the pleasant part about it.
Sarah V.
San Francisco, USA.
This is a favorite game at camp, where my friends and I play for hours on end. In fact, the game have gotten so popular in the area, they have tournaments. Instead of it being a summer treat at camp, I decided to gift it to my friends, and they were beyond thrilled.
Robert D.
London, UK.
So much fun! We play the game every day, the loser has to take a shot. In the weekends, we invite everybody over to our place and.. the game is on! I really like that the board is foldable, it fits perfectly in my backpack. Overall, this is a very lovely product that everyone should have in sight.
Blaine L.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Remarkably fast shipping, I received mine a few days after ordering. Ever since receiving the StringPuck, my family has been playing with it every night, it has helped us get closer and have a blast together!
Charlotte W.
Paris, France.
Just wow! Well worth the price, the quality of the board is shockingly good! I work in a hotel, and on my lunch breaks, my colleagues and I are always on our phones doing nothing. That's when I decided to purchase the StringPuck, and that's when everything changed! We play the game all the time and never get bored of it. Great purchase!
Lucy, P.
Las Vegas, USA.